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Your insight is sharper than a Samurai sword. Your uncanny discovery process revealed obstacles I have blindly stumbled over for decades. You are more than a business coach. You're a thought leader in a field too new to have terminology.

~NS, Virginia

Jessica, your insight and guidance have been life-altering for me. Your empathy mixed with your courageous spirit give you the uncanny ability to journey inside a client's heart. You are able to experience and shed light on complexities within us that can remain stubbornly and ineffably in shadow.... Your gentle guidance made me have no doubt that you innately know the terrain. It never ceases to amaze me that you just know. What incredible, powerful and beautiful medicine you are.

~GNB, New York

How do I even begin to thank the person who saved my life? I am deeply grateful that the most treacherous parts of my path were illuminated by you. I truly don’t know how else I could’ve found my way. You are a visionary. Thank you, forever. 
~MR, California

Thank you again for all your invaluable feedback and advice. Your insights have helped me tremendously. I recognize what you named is exactly what I've been feeling, but I haven't been able to express it so clearly. Thank you so much for articulating this for me. Your in-depth feedback and advice have been instrumental in helping me to understand that there is the work I create for the world and then there is the work for me. I have much more to learn and I will follow up on the areas you have suggested for further research. I am deeply grateful for your help and thank you for the gifts you have given me.

~SC, United Kingdom

Dear Jessica,

For the past few years, I have caught myself writing thank-you notes to you in my head. How do I even begin to thank the person who saved my life?

I continue to be “in process”  — but Jessica, I am doing so SO much better.

I know and belong to myself now! I *mostly* hear and believe and live from myself now! 

Part of my coming home has also been discovering a creative wellspring. What a joy it is to be an artist. 

I am still finding the words to explain all that has unfolded in me -- the words mostly form and arrive in glimmers and fragments. 

I find myself living with a sense of such inner coherence, but I don't yet know exactly how to summarize the process of how I got here. 

I am deeply grateful that the most treacherous parts of my path were illuminated by you. I truly don’t know how else I could’ve found my way.

You are a visionary. Thank you, forever. 
~Anonymous, OR 

I didn’t know what it meant to be gifted until my work with Jessica Thayer. Now I understand that not everybody runs on overdrive the way I do. I see how I use my endless ideas and projects to avoid myself. Beginning to slow down to catch up with myself is my next project.

~PK, Virginia

Your observations about my work have been invaluable. You have allowed me to trust the power of what I do. I have the confidence to knock on doors and make myself known here.

~EE, Virginia

Truly, there’s nothing more impactful; these sessions are like an enlightened chiropractic adjustment of the psyche and soul.

It feels so liberating to have the framework in place to make considered decisions for where I want to take the company and not just accepting everything that falls from the sky. And for that I can’t thank you enough.
~HH, Virginia

Jessica, when I refer people to you, they ask me what you do. I tell them you’re a modern-day sage. I don’t know how you know what you know, or name what you name. I’m just grateful to have been the beneficiary of your talents.

~AR, New York

Jessica, who knew that creating a website could be so much fun! I’ve procrastinated on doing this for years. Your encouragement helped me jump in. Since we’d talked about my goals and I’d come up with my text, it ended up being mostly creative play. I created a site that pleased me – what fun! I just wish I hadn’t waited so long. Thanks so much for helping me take the first step.

~JS, Virginia

Jessica, we began by you helping me define my services. That led us to the website design and my logo. At the same time, I began looking at office locations and you helped me clarify what I needed in a work space and what the nature of the clinic would be. Once the space was found, we identified what I needed in my office space and which space I would offer to other practitioners. Finally, you helped me come up with the mission statement and daily operating manual for the clinic. I never would have imagined all the steps involved in manifesting the vision I have always held. Today I can look at my logo, my web identity, and the office space and feel the consistency of a clean and clear message. Thank you for helping me create a presence in the world that reflects what I wish to offer.

~PC, Virginia

Jessica, I remain so excited, inspired, motivated, by our talk. But, above all, grateful. Your guidance and support in this process for me is absolutely incredible. So many gems from our conversation, my mind is absolutely buzzing and my world view has shifted a bit again with this fresh perspective. You're amazing and I am fortunate. I feel a clarity and calm around my work that is new. I feel stronger, more direct, more confident. I'm energized, jazzed, happy, more relaxed, proud to be standing more in my truth. I feel like I am understanding myself better than ever before and that is like magic!

~MK, Virginia

Thank you for having an incredible ability to stand with someone and share your wisdom, it was a beautiful thing to be on the receiving end of your wisdom.

I did not know what to expect from our session and had no expectations going in. Your website and the words on your website touched my heart and resonated within me to follow through. It was like your words pulled back a veil inside me to show me pieces that needed attending to. I had not allowed myself to identify with the trauma of my experience, yet when you showed it to me I saw it so clearly as well as all the pieces that had been waving at me to try and get my attention.

My whole session I felt so cared for as you used an amazing amount of grace. It always amazes me how the open doors to walk through are endless. Thank you for showing me some of the doors I need to walk through.

Of the several intuitive/sensitives that I've been blessed to have sessions with - you were able to see a much larger perspective - and I'm very grateful for that. Many of the intuitives have helped me with microcosm issues. You were able to see more of the macrocosm. Thank you for sharing that gift with me.

~LP, Canada

Jessica, I will follow every lead you have so generously placed in my little hands. It is almost too much to contemplate. What a blessing it was to find you & the timing of some of your suggestions is miraculous. You are perfectly brilliant. For now, before I pursue any of these wonderful ideas you have given me, thank you so, so much for being out there.

~CB, Montana

After 6 decades of struggle, it took one conversation with Jessica Thayer to learn why everything I do falls flat. I realize that my whole life I’ve lived as a false self. Jessica identified why people are turned off by me and my efforts to sell my work. I have begun the work to find my authentic self with the therapist she suggested.

~DD, Virginia

You have been an incredible resource and guide for me, both personally and professionally. To say you have served as the clearest mirror I've ever encountered would be an understatement. You not only see and reflect back to me the nuances of my ways of being -- which itself is remarkable given our relatively intermittent conversations; you also highlight patterns in powerful ways and paints vivid metaphors to help me remember them. It's as though you're a translator between the interior and exterior self, providing a vocabulary to name unique gifts and challenges. Through your intuitive process, you have helped me be more clear about my intentions and better present them to the world. As a result, I am more aligned and at ease, and I believe my work has greater integrity and meaning.

~MG, Virginia

Jessica, you are indeed an intuitive archaeologist. I feel such gratitude that you are sharing your incredible skills with me.

~KT, Virginia

Jessica, thank you! I've created a place in my studio where I can drift without the distraction of the computer and commercial thoughts. I'm now trying to define the unique needs of my creative process.

~SE, Virginia

Jessica, thank you for having an enormous, powerful, and positive impact on my life. I'm forever grateful for your influence. It was fun getting to talk about the studio with you. You helped open up some things in our talk, which comes as no surprise. I never want to take for granted how gifted you are at seeing straight to the core of a matter, seeing it clearly and offering translation when it's not understood to others. You're a blessing and our world is lucky to have you.

~MM, Virginia

Jessica, your success stems from your sensitive and enthusiastic rapport with your clients. You have a good eye for design and extraordinary attention to detail. The only challenge is keeping up with you!

~TT, Massachusetts

Jessica, where do we begin? The results of your insight are everywhere we look. The books that are now arranged so we can find them, the re-purposed rooms, the mold and mildew-free basement. Until you worked with us we hadn't realized the pain we were harboring from the flood. We didn't see how we'd stopped caring for the house when our kids stopped visiting. Your swift assessment of the situation made it easier for us to accept our situation. You helped us know what we could do to change things. We both feel like a huge weight has been lifted from us. The house has a new lease on life.

~DM - RM, New York

You have shared with me your brilliant visual insight and an open heart. You came to my newly purchased and very dark townhouse and could immediately see and feel what needed to be done to open my space to the light. No designer or contractor I am working with has your visual talent and sensitivity to my personal needs. You are the rarest of gems.

~NB, Virginia

Jessica, you did it! The house is under contract. It wouldn’t have happened without you. In that first half-hour conversation you pinpointed everything in the listing photographs that needed to be changed. You were right, where was the realtor? The photography was clearly not done by a professional. When you visited, your other observations made me realize how unready the house was for the open house. But, what mattered just as much is that you helped identify the frozen place inside that could not begin the process of change. Taking that first step of putting things in boxes allowed everything else to happen easily. As you said, I could not know if my high asking price would be too much for the market unless I presented the house as a house worth the cost. Now, with your help, I know I made the right decision.

~EB, Virginia

Jessica, sitting here in my study, I’m looking at the books you’ve helped me edit over more than a decade. Your editorial skills continue to impress me. With each article and book you found the story line I’d lost track of in my copious notes. While I often dreaded your feedback, I always appreciated it. Even during this last project of my life, as I was flagging, you never let me settle for less than my best. Our collaboration has been a privilege.

~RM, New Hampshire

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