What's a communication coach?

I identify the incongruities between what you communicate and what you intend to communicate. 

I evaluate the clarity of your website, your printed material, your mission statement or artist statement, and your business presentation. I describe the subtle and dramatic themes that prevent clear and empowered communication.

Together, we identify the unconscious blocks preventing you from the inspired presentation of your professional message.


Based on your unique temperament and inclinations, we discover the habits and awareness that will support consistent and effective outreach and presentation.

How does communication coaching differ from business or life coaching?

I am able to quickly and concisely name themes and conflicts that are not apparent to a business or life coach. This is especially valuable for creatives who tend to be highly gifted and sensitive.

As a creative, the complexity of your interior world may inhibit clear and confident communication. I am able to track your complex inner (often competing) inclinations and help you organize and prioritize your focus and efforts.

It can be challenging to see your product or service from the perspective of your customer. I 
help you recognize your own perceptions and motivations and how they may differ from those of your clients.


Do creatives have unique issues and needs?

Creatives tend to think about more, see more, feel more, and include more multidimensional variables than most. This is why they tend to innovate and bring into form new ideas.

Creatives are often highly gifted and sensitive. If you are a creative you tend to be motivated by, and respond to, a level of subtle and complex information that is invisible to most coaches.


When you are highly gifted/sensitive, you face unique challenges when you try to express your multidimensional awarenesses and multiple interests. You often feel let down by professionals who are not operating with a similar level of integrity, sensitivity, or dimensional awareness.

What do you mean by daring to be exceptional?

Creatives often find their inner passion hampers their outer clarity and effectiveness. For this reason, entrepreneurs, therapists, coaches, professionals in the healing arts, artists, writers, and other creatives can find branding quite challenging.  


The inability to define the essence of a product, service, or business can inhibit your confidence and limit your success.


As you identify inner conflicts, clarify your values, and translate your passion into a vocabulary relevant to your intended market, you are able to speak and write about your product or service with ease. 


When you express your passion with confidence, your professional communication is an inspired reflection of the unique service you provide.

What is your training?

  • Over three decades coaching writers, artists, healers, and business owners. Translating complex sensory experience and unidentified inner conflict into words for gifted and sensitive clients.

  • A lifelong, scholarly focus on visual, verbal, and energetic communication and the psychological and developmental impediments to the creative process.

  • Decades of personal transformative work in all modalities of energy and bodywork.

  • Extensive research and training in the fields of sensory integration, design psychology, and environmental psychology.

How do you consult over the phone?

Whether I am consulting with you in person or working with you remotely, I am able to perceive and identify emotional and energetic conflicts that influence your communication.

I supplement my phone work with samples of your printed material, a review of your website, and/or access to any other form of your professional message.

What is the cost of a session?

The cost is $150 an hour. I offer a sliding scale.

How do I know if you can help me?

I offer a half-hour complimentary consultation.