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Jessica assists individuals who have extraordinary gifts to become inspired vessels of their unique services and offerings.


Jessica's perceptual acuity, accompanied by her ability to describe complex and subtle themes, enables her to help highly gifted and creative clients quickly discover the root of challenges that designers, therapists, and coaches fail to identify. She has a unique gift for putting invisible dynamics into words and a natural gift for pruning text to highlight the essence of the intended communication.


The highly gifted and sensitive find Jessica has a laser-like insight that has eluded them. Jessica attends to detail, tracks highly complex thought and awareness in her clients, translates their perceptions into form, represents the perspectives of her clients' customers, while always interacting with a high degree of professional integrity. 

In a culture focused on performance and outcome, Jessica delights in meeting the highly gifted in the place of their passions and rich creative inner landscapes. It is a privilege to witness this inadequately served population have the opportunity to find clarity and confidence as they engage with the world around them.

Professional Background
  • Architecture of Meaning: Coaching highly gifted and sensitive individuals seeking meaningful engagement. 

  • Finding True North: Coaching individuals seeking transformation beyond therapy.

  • Certified Educational Kinesiologist coaching men exploring repeated accidents, injuries, and chronic illness. Somato-emotional release through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic activation.

Past Workshops:

  • Connecting to the World as an Artist: Moving Past Limitations to Success

  • Artists' Roundtable, The Artist and Self-Sabotage

  • At Home with Loss and Change

  • Mapping Your Spiritual Geography

  • Illness as Opportunity, Coping in a World of Difference

  • Men Coping with Chronic Injury, Accident and Illness

  • Crisis as Opportunity

  • The Language of Experience

  • Placemaking for the Sensitive Soul

  • Finding the Heart in Your Home

  • Stress Reduction for Healing Professionals


The insight Jessica offers is the result of a natural gift, honed over decades. Her knowledge and experience provide highly gifted and creative adults with a vocabulary for the complexities and subtleties they experience in the internal and external world.

The principles of communication coaching derive from years of research and training in fields that explore how neurological, emotional, spiritual, and energetic awareness influence our perceptions and our experience of the world.

Masters Work: Environmental Studies and Social Work

Other Training: Environmental Psychology, Educational Kinesiology, Play Therapy, Sensory Integration, Art Therapy, Touch for Health, Contact Reflex Analysis

Personal Experience: Acupuncture, Cranial Sacral Work, Energy Medicine, Feldenkrais, NET, EFT, Rolfing, Chiropractic, Naturopathy

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