Coaching the
   Highly Gifted & 

Because Outer Confidence Begins With Inner Clarity

You want to share your product, your ideas, or your service
with the world


You long for your communication to mirror your enthusiasm and passion.

Yet, your highly gifted nature means you are easily tangled in your complex thoughts.

Attachment to your ideas limits your effectiveness in communication.


Prioritizing projects, organizing your thoughts and developing clear strategies for engagement can be challenging.

You struggle to develop compelling content and a cohesive brand identity for social media strategies and SEO.


You can be confused by the multiplicity of your passions or resent any expectation that you water down the richness of your communication.

You wish you could:
~simplify your message without diluting its impact
~find the confidence to communicate about your service or products with ease 

~engage from an authentic and fearless place.

As a highly gifted creative, you can feel let down when you reach out for professional help. Coaches and designers can disappoint you because they don't grasp the multidimensionality of your intentions or understand your inner struggles.

Jessica Thayer offers the highly gifted and creative the unique concepts and insights that help you:

~discover your unique blocks to confident engagement
~streamline your elevator pitch and written material

~translate your intricate thoughts into inspired expression.